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IPS Competencies

IPS Competencies

Infection prevention & control practitioners (IPCP) are drawn from different professional backgrounds and operate across a range of health and social care settings.  The role requires expertise in developing and applying strategies for preventing and controlling infection that are underpinned by a core knowledge of microbiology, immunology and epidemiology and adapted to the situation and context.  IPCP must develop skills in risk management, strategic influencing and decision making, communication, education, information management, quality improvement, understanding and applying research evidence.

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Competencies explained

Competencies are defined standards of performance required for the effective performance of a specific role.  They are grounded in knowledge and skills that are acquired through a combination of education, training and experience.

The Frameworks

The IPS Competencies provide a framework that defines the knowledge and skills required to perform the role of an IPC practitioner.  For practitioners new to IPC, the IPS Competencies are recommended as a guide to inform your professional development. For more experienced practitioners they provide a framework that will enable you to identify gaps in knowledge and skills and demonstrate your competence as an IPC expert. See the Credentialing Framework in full summary documents]

Participating in the IPS Competencies programme will enable you to demonstrate your capabilities as an IPC practitioner to potential employers and to go on to credential.

The IPS Competencies Platform for Infection Prevention & Control Practitioners.

The IPS Competencies Platform has been developed by IPS for its members.  It uniquely provides:

  • A structured digital platform that enables practitioners to record the knowledge and skills they have acquired to meet each competency
  • Enable the knowledge and skills acquired to be reviewed by a mentor to provide assurance the standard expected of a competent practitioner has been met
  • Provide evidence of competency as an IPC practitioner that can be used to support applications for credentialling,  job opportunities, professional registration and revalidation.

We recommend that in order to complete the competencies you work with a mentor who can sign-off the competencies as you acquire them and advise you on your development.  This could be your manager or an experienced IPC practitioner within your team. If this is not possible, you should contact your IPS branch Education Officer who may be able to assist in sign posting you to a local colleague within your branch. If you are still unable to identify a mentor you can contact IPS who will help to identify one for you.

The Registration process

It may take up to 2 working days to process your application. 

All information held by IPS will comply with current GDPR requirements

To register to participate in the IPS competencies you will need to be a current IPS member and complete the application form.

Required information includes

·         Your name
·         The email address associated with your IPS membership
·         Your preferred contact number
·         Your IPS membership number
·         Your job role
·         Your place of work
·         You will need to set up a password to access your dashboard once approved

·         The name of your mentor (if you have one)
·         The email address of your mentor (if you have one)
·         The job role of your mentor (if you have one)


Once your application has been processed your mentor will receive logon details to the website.

Role of your mentor

You will need to supply the name, role and email address of a mentor who can sign-off the competencies as you acquire them and advise you on your development. This could be your manager… If this is not possible, you can contact IPS who will help identify a mentor for you [link to email]. This may take 10 working days.

Once your application has been processed your mentor will receive logon details to the website.

As you progress through the competencies you can upload evidence to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. Your mentor will be able to review your progress and evidence and sign-off each of your competencies as ‘working towards’ or ‘competent’. The messaging service within the website will enable you and your mentor to communicate easily.

Only IPS members are able to access the competencies. To become an IPS member see Membership starts at £70 for an individual member.

After you register

It will take up to two working days for your registration to be approved and if you have requested IPS provide a mentor this may take up to 10 working days for details to be sent to you.

Mentors will be able to communicate with you via the messaging service within the website.

All Learners will have to be IPS members whilst completing the competencies. All documents and evidence uploaded will be held for up to five years.

All information provided to IPS will comply with current GDPR requirements.

Competences for infection prevention and control practitioners were first developed by the Infection Control Nurses Association (the predecessor to the Infection Prevention Society) in 2000 and have been subsequently revised and updated (Denton et al, 2018; Bennallick et al, 2014; Burnett et al, 2011). – add links to papers